Neil Jamieson - Sales Representative

I joined to become part of the trend which is developing very quickly all across Canada and the U.S. and that trend is to avoid overpaying large amounts of money on commissions to sell realty.

With the rising selling prices of properties, the traditional commissions charged to list or sell didn;t sit well with the Sellers/Owners. To avoid exorbitant commissions, they started to sell their homes or businesses privately without the services of Realtors, but still found it trying and frustrating.

This is what I like about FlatPrice and why I chose to be a part of this team: I can still offer my services as a 20yr veteran in traditional realty to sellers and they can still sell their property and save thousands on commissions. With this concept is taken to a new level; pay for the service you need. No fluff, no extras. Just bare bones flat fees.

I have witnessed in a short time the gratitude from my many clients as they now gladly refer me to their friends and family because they listened and learned how FlatPrice works and how they’ve saved thousands.