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The NEW WAY of selling Real Estate is here! Our agents earn commission up front by charging Flat Fees all throughout Ontario.

Are you a licensed Real Estate Agent in Ontario or thinking about becoming one? Just one phone call could change the way you sell Real Estate. You have the ability to change the way you run your business and ultimately change your lifestyle.


Switch plans anytime with 30 days notice.


95/5 split

  1. No sales quotas


80/20 split

  1. Earn revenue from the agents you bring into our Brokerage
  2. No sales quotas

You can earn unlimited income from simply finding agents to join our brokerage.

$5340.00 income from your sponsored agents
Let's do the math....
Roxie sold 1 house this month
Roxie Earned $4500.00 Commission
You Earned 10% = $450.00
Lillian sold 2 houses this month
Lillian Earned $10,500.00 Commission
You Earned 10% = $1050.00
Hilda sold 1 house this month
Hilda Earned $3400.00 Commission
You Earned 10% = $340.00
Aaron sold 4 houses this month
Aaron Earned $15,000.00 Commission
You Earned 10% = $1500.00
Hallie sold 5 houses this month
Hallie Earned $18,000.00 Commission
You Earned 10% = $1800.00
John sold 1 house this month
John Earned $2000.00 Commission
You Earned 10% = $200.00

How you make money just from sponsoring?

You earn 10% for each agent you sponsor to join our brokerage

If those agents sponsor other agents to join our brokerage, you earn 5% from their sponsors.

Build your team, earn money!

Invite as many agents as possible to join our brokerage and earn residual income.

How we're different?
10% from TIER 1 Agents
5% from TIER 2 AGENTS
Unlimited Potential Income


  • $119.00 per month.
  • $55.00 per transaction for broker review and risk management expenses. No other hidden fees or expenses.
  • Sell flat fee services, plus additional services, so you can capture the private sale market.
  • Sell full service real estate. No minimum/maximum commission requirements.
  • Have access to leads that are generated through our system.
  • You will have your own dedicated webpage on our website.
  • No restrictions on negotiating your own commissions with clients. Charge anything you desire for full service and additional services
Retiring or Death...
We're helping to take care of your family!
When you retire, you keep 50% of your sponsored commission.
Your family keeps 50% of your sponsored commission.
  • New agents will enjoy our 3 orientation webinars. Which will introduce flat fee listings and sale tactics.
    • Strategies to get your foot in the door so you can either sell a flat fee listing or full service listing.
  • Weekly optional webinar(free) to go over ideas and strategies to keep growing your business.
  • Want Franchise Information? Click here
  • If you’re licensed in Windsor click here . We have a special partner services for you!