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FlatPrice.ca is your professional, home owner selling solution in Canada for MLS and Multiple Listing Service. We specialize in flat fee listings. If you are looking to save money in the sale of your home and still utilize the MLS and Multiple Listing Service to obtain the exposure you desire, then FlatPrice.ca is your solution. Our company is staffed by Real Estate Professionals who understand the Canadian real estate market, FlatPrice.ca allows you to place your listing on the MLS and Multiple Listing Service so you can sell your home yourself, and save the money you would normally pay out as a commission. Acquire genuine savings and still achieve the highest possible coverage through your local MLS and Multiple Listing Service to get your property viewed by as many prospects as possible.

What is MLS and Multiple Listing Service

"90% of Homes are sold on the MLS and Multiple Listing Service"

The MLS and the Multiple Listing Service is the most effective home selling tool for Real Estate Professionals and homeowners alike. It is a co-operative marketing system used only by Canada's Real Estate Boards to ensure maximum exposure of properties listed for sale. For more information please Click Here.