Newest Properties

176 McBride Drive, St. Catharines
$ 282
Area: 1350m2
5353 Nauvoo Rd,Watford
$ 109,900
229 Emma Broadbent Crt - Newmarket
$ 729,990
Area: 214m2
59 Graham Crescent, Sauble Beach
$ 496,000
Area: 3200m2
24 Empire St, London Ontario
$ 249,900

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FlatPriceFlatPrice.ca is a FREE website listing service in every market of Ontario.
Your property will always be a FREE listing on our site. Our agents list your properties on the MLS® and Multiple Listing Service®. We are your professional home owner selling solution in Ontario for flat fee MLS® listings. If you are looking to save money in the sale of your home and still utilize a Real Estate Agent to obtain the exposure you desire, then FlatPrice.ca is your solution. Our company is staffed by Real Estate Professionals who understand the Canadian real estate market. FlatPrice.ca allows you to place your listing for free on our website. Our agents will place our listings on the MLS® and Multiple Listing Service® so you can sell your home yourself, and save the money you would normally pay out as a commission. Acquire genuine savings and still achieve the highest possible coverage using one of our Real Estate Agents. Our Real Estate Agents are passionate about getting your property viewed by as many prospects as possible.

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Flat fee listings on MLS starts at a very reasonable rate. Check our packages for how we can save you cash on commission and get your property visible to thousands!

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