Month to Month Flat Fee Package

If you have a property FOR LEASE, please visit our sister company for your MLS® Flat Fee Listing. Click here

$49 7 Days

  • $99 per month thereafter. Sell it within 7 days and pay ONLY $49!!!
  • Cancel Anytime – No Fee
  • Switch to Full Service Anytime + Money Back
  • Listing on MLS® &,, and affiliate IDX® sites
  • Listing is local on no matter which city, town you live in Ontario.
    • Your listing will appear the exact same as other agent listings.
  • Buyers contact you directly.
  • Real Estate Forms. Agreement of Purchase and Sale.
  • Listing Paperwork Assistance. We Do Your Paperwork and send you digital agreements to sign. It’s simple for you!
  • 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!*
  • Listing on linked from your Listing
  • You take 30 Photos
  • Walk score built into your listings
  • Buyers and Buyer Agents contact you directly
  • Printable Feature Sheets



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$19.00 – Open House Package (4 Postings)[wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=3]

$29.00 – FOR SALE SIGN[wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=1]





$21.00 OPEN HOUSE SIGN[wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=12]





$79.00 – Video Collage
Let us create a video collage with your personal phone number and link it directly from and YOUTUBE.

1 minute video
With music
Your contacts on video.

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Fee listings in Ontario – We manage listing and send you all inquiries. You show your property, negotiate and close deals.

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This Flat Fee Listing package is all you need if you would like to sell your home the “For Sale By Owner” way, but want the massive exposure of® and REALTOR®.ca. It’s simple!
Typically, it will take up to 3 days for your listing to show up on MLS® and REALTOR®.ca.
Again, if a private buyer contacts you and you sell the property directly then you have only paid the price listed above. If you are contacted by a buyer’s REALTOR® and a sale is effected then you will pay the REALTOR® a pre-determined commission (of your choice).

Now for the real good news… When you use us to buy your next property, we will reimburse you any and all fees paid to or 10% – 50% cash back on buyer agent’s commission as explained on the buying page.