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Real Estate Flat Fee and Mere MLS® Listing Services


You can advertise your home on without having to accept all the services some REALTORS® provide.  With you can sell your house for a flat fee and still use a REALTOR®

Pay NO Commission, Sell it Yourself!

We Are In The People Business, Serving Real Estate!

We offer Flat Fee Listings posted on and Full Service listings by our agents all across Ontario. We are your traditional real estate firm plus a discount brokerage. We have licensed agents across Ontario with several boards who list your property either as a flat fee or full service. Whether your property is located in the smallest town in Ontario or in Toronto, we can post it on so you can save thousands in commission while reaching maximum exposure. 

We specialize in providing Flat Fee and mere posting listings for homes for sale by owner in Ontario


Sell your home in three simple steps:

1. List

Use to get your property listed online on and multiple other websites.

2. Show & Sell

Our powerful marketing platform drives buyers to your property listing. Houses listed with sell just as quickly as those listed with expensive sellers’ agents.

3. Save

Save thousands of dollars! Our system works, and you pay the buyer’s agent the commission you choose(optional). Our typical customer enjoys big savings. You’ve worked hard for your home equity: Keep it!

Real Estate Clauses Ontario

Real Estate Clauses Ontario

We put the business in your hands. Feel free to use all of the clauses that REALTORS use today! FOR FREE!

You can thank us later 😉

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