It’s No Joke, We Now Offer FREE MLS Flat Fee Listings

Oct 05
This world is all about finding new ways and growing with the times. I had a great conversation with one of our REALTORS just the other day. We discussed the needs of private sellers (FSBO). We noticed a trend with our clients. They all wanted an MLS listing They all did not want to pay commission They all needed help with the listing paperwork They all didn't know how to deal with an offer situation

Do I need to have an agent to sell my home?

Oct 04
No, you don’t! You always had the option to sell things yourself. Now with our flat fee option, we have made this easier for the seller.  For 1 flat fee we offer your listing to be posted to the MLS sites, posted to and your paperwork ready for you to fill out.

Why do I need my listing posted on the Interboard?

Oct 04
As a seller, the more places your home is advertised the better. Agents always seek information through the Real Estate Board, giving top agent’s first glance at your property.

Do I Need a Listing?

Oct 03
Yes, if you want to maximize your exposure. is the #1 go to website to find properties for most buyers. If you want to maximize your value, you should list on just because you'll receive maximum exposure. That's it in a nutshell! Exposure is everything. By: Paul Rouillard - Broker of Record / Owner [wp_blog_designer]

Why I Started Selling Flat Fee & Mere MLS Postings

Oct 03
I've been a licensed REALTOR since 2004. I've been around for awhile and I 've been through the transition of new technology. Most of my business for the past 6 years has been through the computer with clients globally. More and more sellers were looking for more options to have cheaper commissions. Now that, the internet is literally in the palms of most of our hands, people can now list properties themselves. We all know

The Difference Between Kijiji Listing and Flat Fee Listing

Oct 03
The difference between listing with Kijiji and listing as a mere MLS posting is that the mere MLS posting goes directly on Kijiji offers a great platform to advertise your listing along with a flat fee MLS posting. We strongly suggest finding as many possible places to list your property for free as possible. The more people who see your listing, the phone calls you'll get. Definitely list your property with: Real Estate

Have You Ever Sold Anything from Kijiji?

Oct 03
If the answer is yes, then you can save thousands of dollars in commissions. Selling a house is not much different than selling a TV on Kijiji. Sure, you're dealing with a couple hundred thousand dollars more, but other than that it's not much different. Providing that you do the right things and follow the right steps it should be a seamless process. 1. Always ensure the buyer is qualified. Don't waste your time. 2.

The Difference Between Mere MLS Posting, Flat Fee, FSBO, Private Seller?

Oct 03
Mere MLS posting and Flat fee listings usually indicate that the seller did list with a REALTOR such as Real Estate Brokerage and listed it as a mere posting. They usually offer a commission, however this is optional. FSBO stands for FOR SALE BY OWNER. FSBO and private seller is someone selling a home without the use of a REALTOR. They usually are not posting with a real estate agent such as and

Why Agents Hate Flat Fee Listings and Mere MLS Postings?

Oct 03
Simply put. They don't get paid! Most agents give private sellers a hard time. Most also don't understand that most private sellers will offer a commission if the price is right. Just a suggestions, if an agent gives you a call let them know right away if you are offering a commission. IF they give you a hard time, then wish them luck and on they go. By: Paul Rouillard - Broker of Record /

Flat fee listings and why you should try it first?

Oct 03
Most people these days can sell pretty much anything themselves. The power of the internet has really given people options. Same goes for Real Estate. Why not try it first? Even if we use a full service realtor we still have to pay a lawyer to close the deal. How often do you hear horror stories about being cheated selling property these days? At least give it a try for 30 days. Just make sure