Why I Started FlatPrice.ca

I started FlatPrice.ca because the Real Estate business was changing. Internet changed everything! Buyers can now search for properties without the use of an agent. Sellers now have the tools to list their homes and pay no commission.

I decided to change. We grew our concepts and diversified our thoughts. We changed the entire infrastructure of the business by hiring several Real Estate Agents who now sell Flat Fee Listings throughout Ontario.

A quick time line on the development of FlatPrice.ca.

2003 – Received my Real Estate License. from 2003 – 2013 I worked for Century 21, Coldwell Banker and Remax.

2010 – FlatPrice.ca was invented.

2011 – I shut down FlatPrice.ca due to a deal that forced me to because I join ed  a major brand. I paid them $24,000 in one full calendar year just to be a Realtor through my commissions.

2013 – I couldn’t believe how expensive it was to remain licensed with such a national company. I worked so hard and earned so much but at the end of the day I still had nothing because of their fees . It was draining, exhausting and I almost lost everything. My wonderful family encouraged me and gav e me the energy and ambition to keep on trucking. I never gave up and I made the change I really believed in.

2014 – Was our milstone year. We sold over $14 MILLION in sales volume.

2015 – We are still working hard
every single day. We are adding new features and inventing new ways. We have such an amazing team who help motivate each other each and every day.

2017 – Another milestone year for us. Markets all around us are changing. Properties are moving faster than ever for maximum value. Our average list to sale times are just a week!!! We added our BUYER REBATE program which is amazing. It puts money into Buyers hands on closing. It’s a simple process that not many brokerages are accepting. LEARN MORE >>

Paul Rouillard

Broker of Record / Owner

FlatPrice.ca Real Estate Brokerage.

” I promise you the value you are expecting. I hire the best and most caring individuals. We are a team, we are a family. We are here to serve you better. I guarantee our services and we are excited to list your property and help you sell it for the most value all the while paying as little as possible. We are FlatPrice.ca Real Estate Brokerage.”