Comfree vs


Comfree: When you list with Comfree you’re paying top executives, management and a corporate ladder. That’s why they are so expensive! You’re paying a Licensed Real Estate agent who specifically deals with FLAT FEE listings.


Comfree: When you list with Comfree, your listing is listed on and not the backend where agents have access to the listings. You’re listing appears on as well as the backend where agents have access to the listings. Most Sellers would like to offer a Buyer agent commission should they bring a good offer. With Comfree, you CANNOT do this. They do not offer a cooperative brokerage commission.


Comfree: When you list with Comfree and you need someone to write your offer, you’ll be paying top dollar just to get help from someone from the phone with limited real life experience. Offer writing & negotiating is less than $50 and a small flat fee of less than $300 on closing.


Comfree: Comfree does not offer an interboard listing, infact they will tell you it’s not necessary if you ask them! We offer interboard listings because most Sellers want to offer a small commission to lure in more Buyers.


Comfree: They charge cancellation fees once you realize you’re stuck only on Cancel anytime for FREE! We’ll also refund your money if you’d like to list in FULL SERVICE instead.


Comfree: They do NOT offer FREE listings. in their website. We do! List your property for FREE on our website and upgrade anytime to a & MLS ® listing.


Comparing national brands is easy in today’s marketplace and we at Real Estate Brokerage believe that Real Estate should be no exception. We understand that you, as the seller of your property, are looking for the best price and service package that suits your needs. Below we have created a chart comparing what we offer to our competition!

Often we will hear clients ask us, “Is the price right, will I still be able to sell privately, or do I have an option for representation, and will I get national exposure?”

Our answer is YES to ALL ! offers the cheapest way for you to get national exposure for your property on for a flat fee. We have no additional/hidden fees and NO CANCELLATION FEES . You have the choice to sell privately or full service. It is YOUR choice!

What is an inter-board listing and WHY do I need it? Read more…

Listing that appears on your local real estate board which is a private REALTOR site that is not available to the public. This lets buyer agents in your area know your property is for sale and that you’re willing to pay them a commission if they have a buyer for your property. Basic Package does not offer an interboard listing, so agents in your area will not be able to see your property, it is only visible on the public