Windsor, Ontario Real Estate

Our Brokerage gives you options. More options than any other traditional real estate brokerage.
Choose the service you want. 3% FULL SERVICE or FLAT FEE – No Commission

Visit our office in Windsor at 1889 University Ave W and meet our agents. 9-4 mon-fri.

We have a special offer for Windsor ontario listings. All listings include:

  • 1 on 1 free consultation with an experienced REALTOR. NO OBLIGATION!
  • FREE property evaluation and assessment report with comparable properties and a complete breakdown with averages and statistics.
  • Large FOR SALE sign with metal frame. For flat fee listings your number will be on the sign in LARGE print.
  • And more…



You have a choice to choose the type of services or as much service as you like. From $49 for a flat fee listing or full service for as little as 3% Commission. It’s your choice!


Our agents don’t pay high fees to stay in business like some BIG BOX companies. We can afford to reduce our commissions to save you commission! Great deal uh!


You can first try to list your property as a Flat Fee listing and save commission with the option of changing your mind and listing it full service and getting your money back.


Our agents will meet with you at your home pressure free. NO OBLIGATION! From here, you can discuss the services you require.  We’ll take the photos and prepare the paperwork and your listing will be up and running within a few days. It’s that simple.

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