Rapid Sale Full Service Listing

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We bring organization to the chaotic Real Estate market. Many Sellers, Buyers and believe it or not some professionals have no clue how to handle or understand the processes. This is where we come in. By organizing the multiple offer situations we are bringing agents, sellers and buyers together in a rapid, responsive and organized manor to close Real estate deals legally and efficiently in one day!


1. We begin by giving you a full comparable market analysis and spend the time with you to determine the optimum selling price.

2. We then take HD photos and a video of your property.

3. We create the listing and post it on the MLS along with the property photos and video to capture the biggest audience of Real Estate professionals and the public at large

4. We will install a 4ft x 6ft sign on your front lawn along with the OPEN HOUSE and the RAPID SALE SIGN showing the time and date to attract attention.

5. During the OPEN HOUSE, a $75 fee paid by the potential buyer goes to the home inspector, who will provide a report to the prospective buyer should we have 2 or more registered showings.


We know we have a good chance to sell your home within the first open house. Less work for us means we can charge cheaper rates! Not to mention we are also a discount brokerage and can afford to offer cheaper rates. We list your property on the MLS system and on Realtor.ca for as little as 1% commission. We fully represent you from start to finish until the house is sold.


Our goal is to sell your property for as much as possible. Our team is ambitious and will work hard to exceed your reserve price. We’d like to be rewarded for offers higher than your reserve price. EXAMPLE: If your property sells for $20,000 over the reserve price. Our added commission is $1000.00. Even if your property sold for 1 MILLION dollars more! YOU WIN, WE WIN TOO!


We don’t show you the full details online so it’s not easily stolen by competitors. Nothing is hidden and no other fees exist other than what you see here. We give you a complete detailed outline of how the process works so it’s 100% fair for everyone. We get you involved so no one can cheat and NO INSIDE DEALS! Register below for the details package.


Call us 519-258- 3966

Once registered, we will give you an information package which gives you details on how the trending ” offer holding ” and “multiple offers” situation works. All of our property information packages includes a Seller Property Information Statement which gives you a statement on everything about the property from the Seller. It’s an open and honest statement about any potential problems etc…


Call us 519-258- 3966

Visit our office or invite us to your home. We are happy to explain how the process works. As soon as you’re ready we will begin setting up immediately. All set ups take a full week of preparation. We hit your property on the market with a BANG!



We list your property in a way to achieve massive exposure within the first week of the listing. We list your property and hold all showings and offers until your first OPEN HOUSE. We include offer paperwork with written clauses to stream line your negotiations. IT WORKS! Ask for our information package for a full outline 877-877-2535