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Kingsville: Community Profile (Source: Town of Kingsville)

Kingsville is located along the north shore of Lake Erie. It is a community in the region of Essex County. Kingsville has a unique location as the most southern town in Canada. In 1999 there was a restructuring of the town, whereby the Town of Gosfield North and South merged. Kingsville now has a population of 22,358 (2016 census). It occupies approximately 247 square kilometres.

Kingsville is an agricultural community. It has the most agricultural greenhouses in North America. They produce tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers and potted plants. Kingsville is home to four estate wineries. They produce a variety of wines from their local vineyards. We have a large sand, gravel and commercial fishing industry. Another industry within Kingsville is food processing.

The community was first known as the Township of Gosfield. Early settlers included United Empire Loyalists of German ancestry and British immigrants. They sold agricultural goods and natural resources for their livelihood. There were nineteen small hamlets and three larger centres known as Cottam, Ruthven and Kingsville. Kingsville was popular spot for Canadian and American tourists by the late 19th century.

Kingsville is great for adventure and recreation. Our bird watching opportunities include the Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary. Our trails include the Chrysler Canada Greenway. Kingsville has three golf courses and a curling rink. Our recreation complex offers many sports, including Pickleball. Our marine facilities are the Cedar Island Marina and Yacht Club. Kingsville has more than 45 hectares of parkland. They feature beaches, playgrounds, and areas for sports.

Kingsville has many attractions. They include cultural, garden, and shopping centres. We have six annual festivals. They include the Migration Festival, Fantasy of Lights Festival, Cottam Horse Show and Fall Festival, Ruthven Apple Festival, and Kingsville Folk Music Festival.

Our historical sites include designated heritage homes, a heritage district and museum.

The food and beverage industry in Kingsville is robust. It includes breweries, wineries, and many restaurants. Some of our restaurants are set in the Victorian era. Others are set in a greenhouse, art gallery, and 1880’s train station. We have a strong accommodation industry. We have many bed and breakfasts and inns, campgrounds and cottages, and a hotel and motel. They provide tourists a home away from home.

Kingsville offers an excellent quality of life and small city feel. A small town feel has been identified as one of our town’s strengths. Big city amenities and a booming metropolitan are close by. The American City of Detroit and the City of Windsor are located 30 km from Kingsville. World-renowned sports, entertainment, and shopping are easily accessible.

Kingsville is located in the far south of Canada. Our region enjoys the warmest climate of any city in Ontario. Our region is located at the same latitude as northern California. We enjoy seven months of short-sleeve weather. The average temperature reaches above 10oC 223 days of the year. Our winter temperatures are mild.

Statistics Canada released its national crime statistics. Our region ranks among the safest communities in Canada. It identified Kingsville among the top 10 safest communities in the country. The rankings are based on the crime severity index (CSI). It takes into account 305 policing communities with a population over 10,000. Kingsville came in tenth with a CSI of 23.2.  The region is an affordable place to do business. Canadian Business and Profit magazines ranked Canada’s best places to do business. The Essex-County region ranked 25thoverall. Our housing costs are among Canada’s most affordable. We have an unbeatable location with access to U.S. markets. Our cost of serviced land is among the most attractive in the continent.