What happens after I sign up?

When you complete your payment, you will be sent your listing package forms and instructions depending on which package you purchased. The Package contains detailed and user-friendly instructions on how to complete the forms and obtain required information. You can just follow step-by-step checklist and refer to sample images showing you exactly how to enter the information and where to sign. We recommend that scan your forms and supporting documents in compressed PDF format and email them to us as soon as completed. If not sure, give us a call or send an email. We are always happy to help.

Once we receive your listing package, we send you a confirmation email and the review of your listing package will begin. Our time commitment for the initial review is one business day.  If additional information is required, we will write you a detailed list of all missing information and a list of any discrepancies found in the documents within your listing package.  We are always available to answer any questions on required information and how to complete the forms.

As soon as your listing package is compete, you will receive a confirmation from us and we will post your MLS® listing within one business day.

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