Project Status For: John, Jane Doh, 123 ABC Ave Toronto, Ontario

Project Description

The moment you purchase your listing, we will give you a unique link so you can monitor the progress of your listing.

Project Timing

  • Start Date: 11-08-2018
  • Predicted End: 11-09-2018

Current Tasks

Waiting on signed documents

Current Holds

Waiting for Photos

Project Overview and Overall Progress

20% 20% Property Information

We sent you the data form, please fill it out with all property details.

40% 40% Received Property Information

Data entry in progress

60% 60% Listing Data Entered

We successfully entered all listing data and ready to post.

80% 80% Listing Paperwork Sent to Seller

Please make sure you signed all areas on the digital signature form.

Project Discussion

One thought on “123 ABC Ave Toronto, Ontario”

    sysadmin Reply November 8, 2018

    John, I received all listing information. Can you please verify your lot dimensions for listing accuracy? 100ft x 150ft?

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